Safety Tips

police officer talks to a student on campus

Safety is everyone's responsibility. Follow these 10 tips to keep yourself and the Auraria Campus community safe:

  1. Program your phone.
    Program the Auraria Campus Police Department number in your cell phone so you have it at your fingertips in the event of an emergency on campus: 303-556-5000. (Use 911 from any campus phone to be connected with the ACPD Dispatch). Also, add the Auraria Campus Police Department's Text-a-Tip line: 720-593-TIPS (8477), which can also accept photos.
  2. Trust your instincts.
    If you suspect something is wrong, or a situation seems dangerous, you’re probably right. If you see something; say something. Don’t dismiss suspicious situations; report them to the ACPD immediately.
  3. Use the buddy system.
    Take advantage of the Auraria Campus NightRider Service. Call 303-556-2000 to schedule a ride.
  4. Protect your property.
    Unattended items like backpacks, laptops, and cell phones are easy targets. Make it a habit to take all valuables with you; don’t leave your property unattended.
  5. Report solicitors. 
    Magazine subscriptions and donation requests are common types of solicitations that criminals use to lure community members into giving illegitimate donations. Avoid solicitors’ scams by politely saying no and immediately notifying the ACPD.
  6. Stay alert on transit. 
    Stay awake and keep your personal belongings close to you. Avoid isolated bus or light rail stops. Don’t tell strangers where you are going.
  7. Lock it.
    Parking lots and garages are common targets. Never leave valuables in your car in plain view. Make sure your windows are up, the doors are locked, and if you have a security system, ensure it is set.
  8. Keep personal information private. 
    Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by carrying only the necessary items in your wallet or purse. Don’t give personal information to solicitors.
  9. Locate Emergency Phones. 
    The Auraria Campus is equipped with emergency telephone call stations. Each emergency phone is equipped with a call button that immediately connects to Auraria Campus Police Dispatch. Outdoor phones are located in parking lots and pedestrian areas—they are red and stand approximately 9 feet high. Indoor emergency phones are located throughout the main buildings in common areas.
  10. Protect your bike.
    Lock your bike with a U-lock and record your serial number. Always park your bike at a rack, locking your frame and wheel to the rack.