Records Request Instructions

The records request and release relates solely to the Criminal Justice Records of the Auraria Campus Police Department, pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72-301(1) and 24-72-304(1).

It is the responsibility of the requesting person to provide enough information (e.g., case number, date and type of incident, involved persons, etc.) to allow the custodian to identify the correct record. 

The fees have been established under the law to pay for research, redaction, and copying. These fees exclude those set in C.R.S. 24-72-306. All research fees and/or redaction fees will be estimated and collected before the research or redaction starts. If the requesting party refuses to pay in advance, the records, videos, and/or audio documents/discs will not be provided. 

Fee Structure

$5 For each specifically identified record
$40 For search and processing of audio/video recordings not already archived
$25/ hr
(1/2-hr min.)
For records research, retrieval, and/or inspection of criminal justice records
$0.25 For each page provided

Fees are waived for the following individuals:

  • Victim of a crime who wants a copy of their own report
  • Military recruiters checking backgrounds on recruits
  • Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies
  • Victim of an accident (individuals who were not charged for causing the accident)
  • Victims of family members of accidents or crimes where bodily injury or a fatality occurred

Release of Records:

  • Requests will be processed within 3 business days after receipt.
  • If the requested records are unavailable, the custodian will notify the requesting person (in writing, if requested).
  • The media will have no greater access to records than the general public.
  • If the request or inspection of the record is denied, the custodian will notify the applicant (in writing, if requested) within 3 business days. The denial will state the law or regulation under which the access is being denied.

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