Submit a Crime Report

If you require emergency assistance, please contact the Auraria Campus Police immediately:

From Cell Phone: 303-556-5000

From Campus Phone: 9-1-1

Auraria Campus Police Headquarters: 1201 5th Street, Auraria Campus Administration Building (1st floor)

Report a Theft

Complete this fillable PDF Theft Report Form to report a theft that has occurred on the Auraria Campus. Once complete, you may deliver this form to the Auraria Campus Police Department:

By email:
In-person: 1201 5th Street, Suite 110
By fax: 303-556-3257

Report a Crime

If you know of a crime that has occurred you are encouraged to report it to the Auraria Campus Police Department.

If you wish to report a crime anonymously, you may do so by not including your contact information on the form below. In order to protect your anonymity, crime reports are received by our website host, a private company that provides this service. When you file a report your information and identity is not retained. 

Do not use this process to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Such reports submitted through this process may not receive an immediate response.

Anonymous Reporting Form

If so, please provide as much detail as possible about these people. Or are you able to identify the person(s) engaged in this incident? Do you know there last name(s), first name(s), title(s), clothing description(s), gender(s), etc.?

Optional Contact Information