Appeal a Citation

What do I need to appeal a citation?

  • A valid reason for your appeal
  • Proof of payment, which includes the payment date and time (e.g., a photo of your parking receipt, pay-by-cell screenshot, validation, or reciprocal permit)

Be aware that the following arguments are unlikely to result in a successful appeal:

  • I don’t agree with or don’t know the regulations
  • I couldn’t find a space in my usual parking lot/garage
  • I have been parking this way for a long time and have never received a citation until now
  • Other people were parked this way
  • I was late for a class/meeting or my class/meeting ran late
  • I can’t afford to pay the fine
  • Someone told me it was okay to park there
  • I was only in violation for a short time
  • Someone else was driving my car that day
  • I didn’t see the sign
  • I forgot to pay

If you have a valid reason to appeal a citation and can provide proof of payment:

  • You may continue to the Parking Portal to make an appeal »
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to process your appeal.