Off-Campus Mailing Services

Distribution Services will accept all mail and packages for the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS and meter them on your behalf. Charges for mailings will be billed back to your department based on your mail code number.

First Class Mail

  • For all mail requiring first-class postage, write your mail code above the return address for proper billing to your department.

All Other Mail and Packages (UPS, FedEx, Certified, Insured, Bulk Items)

  • Please use a Postage Metered Mail Charge Slip and attach it to your item or package for all mail other than USPS first-class.
  • Call Distribution Services to arrange for a large-item or a special mailing pick-up (303-556-3266).

Bulk & Non-Profit Mailings

  • Distribution Services offers discounted bulk mailing programs for mailings consisting of 200 envelopes or more. Depending on delivery needs and with advance planning, these programs can save you up to 50% on individual piece rates and process the mailings faster.
    • Requires three days preparation prior to delivery to the Post Office
    • All mailings must be in zip code order
    • In some cases a check for the cost of the mailing is required in advance

Contact the Distribution Services Manager to discuss your options: 303-556-3265.

Free Envelope Sealing

  • Automatic sealing of standard size gummed envelopes is provided free-of-charge for 10 or more envelopes. 
  • Leave the flaps open on the envelopes and nest them together, binding the contents with a rubber band.

Large Item & Bulk Mailing Pick-Ups

  • Schedule a bulk mail (over 200 pieces) or large item pick-up by calling Distribution Services (303-556-3266). They will pick up your item(s) on their next scheduled time in your building.