Mail and Package Delivery Schedule

Delivery of Incoming U.S. Mail and Intercampus Mail

Delivery of mail occurs on a daily basis per the schedule below. Delivery times may vary on high volume days, after holidays, or when there is a staff shortage. Intercampus mail received is sorted and delivered the following business day.

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MORNING ROUTE (Pick-up and Delivery Service)
9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

7th St. Classroom Facilities Services
9th St. Park Hotel & Hospitality Learning Center
Administration Building King Center
Arts Building Lawrence St. Center (1380 Lawrence)
Auraria Library Modular One
Bear Creek North Classroom
Boulder Creek Parking & Transportation Services
Business School (1475 Lawrence) Plaza Building
Central Classroom Rectory
Cherry Creek  Science Building
Clear Creek Student Commons (AB-1)
Confluence Building Student Success Building
CU Building (1250 14th St.) Tivoli Student Union
Early Learning Center West Classroom

AFTERNOON ROUTE (Pick-up Service Only)
1:10 p.m.–2:15 p.m.

Administration Building
Arts Building
Central Classroom
Cherry Creek
Lawrence St. Center (1380 Lawrence)
North Classroom
Science Building
Student Success Building
Tivoli Student Union
West Classroom

If you are in a building that does not receive an afternoon pick up, call 303-556-3265 to request a special afternoon pick up at your location.


Delivery of Packages, Books, or Large Items from All Carriers

Central Receiving accepts all items that cannot be delivered to your mailbox. These include items such as large envelopes, books, large boxes, furniture, and computers. Every effort will be made to deliver ground packages the next business day by 12:00 p.m.

Package Delivery Routes (Monday-Friday)


Ground items received in the afternoon are delivered the next business day in the morning

Express items received in the morning will be delivered the same day in the afternoon

Monday Ground packages (received Friday) Express packages and special deliveries
Tuesday Ground packages (received Monday) Express packages and special deliveries
Wednesday Ground packages (received Tuesday) Express packages and special deliveries
Thursday Ground packages (received Wednesday) Express packages and special deliveries
Friday Ground packages (received Thursday) Express packages and special deliveries

This schedule may vary due to staffing shortages or large volumes. If you have not received an item within the expected timeframe, please contact Central Receiving (303-556-8401 or 303-556-3265). If you need your item before the deliveryschedule and would prefer to pick it up, call Central Receiving to make arrangements.

Signature Required on Package Deliveries

A responsible party must be available in the department to sign for the items being delivered. If no one is available to sign, an “attempted delivery” note will be left, and the items will be returned to the Central Receiving office to attempt delivery again the next business day.

Print a PDF Delivery Schedule »