Spotlight on Preparedness

Be Aware. Be Prepared.

Spotlight on Preparedness empowers the campus community to be partners in public safety to develop a culture of preparedness that increases the safety and security of the entire campus population.

Seminar topics offered to faculty, staff, and students include hazard awareness, personal risk mitigation, and emergency response skills.


Basic Understanding of Cybersecurity | October 19, 2017

When:              Thursday, October 19, 2017, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
Cost:                Free for current Auraria Campus students, faculty, and staff
Trainer:            Information technology experts from CCD, CU Denver, MSU Denver, and AHEC
Location:         A confirmation email will be sent in advance of the seminar with the location of the training

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided for all registered participants.


Our everyday lives are networked 24/7. Now more than ever, cybersecurity is crucial. But are we well versed in it? How can a “regular person” protect their network, their devices, their information?

This workshop will cover many basic, but critical cybersecurity subjects, as well as current threats on the web. The goal of this training is to discuss the following questions in a format that an IT novice will understand: 

  • What are scammers trying to get access to and why?
  • What are email scams (e.g., phishing, hijacked profiles, infected attachments, etc.)? 
  • How can I identify bogus websites and hyperlinks? 
  • What are ransomware and adware? 
  • What are the most recent threats, and how can I protect myself from them? 
  • How do I report a cybersecurity threat?

Eric Leath, Emergency Preparedness Manager | 303-556-3295