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Sustainable Food and Gardens

Connect Auraria Community Garden

The Sustainable Campus Program recognizes the importance of food and gardens on the over-all well-being of a community. To support the Auraria Campus in transitioning to healthier, more sustainable food options, and to encourage the expansion of organic, sustainable gardening methods on campus, the SCP devotes 5% of its funding to this category. 

With the support of the Sustainable Campus Program, a dedicated group of Auraria community members came together in 2013 to begin the process of adding a community garden to our campus.  After unanimous support from all three institutions and AHEC leadership, a project proposal was approved and fully funded by the SCP. Construction on the community garden commenced in the fall of 2015 and was completed in early spring 2016. To make the Connect Auraria Community Garden a reality, AHEC partnered with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG). With over 150 community gardens throughout the city, DUG provides design expertise, community engagement support, and overall garden management support that will ensure the success of our new community garden.