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Campus Announcements

New K9 Joins ACPD

Officer Corey Averill with K9The Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD) is pleased to announce that Officer Corey Averill has a new K9 partner: Jet

Named after Tivoli Brewery’s vintage malt liquor, Jet lands on the Auraria Campus with an incredible amount of energy and drive to work. While Officer Averill is awaiting official DNA test results, currently Jet is believed to be a Dudley Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. At two-and-a-half-years-old, he’s been trained for explosives detection, but he started his law enforcement career with search and rescue training. As a team, Jet and Officer Averill will continue to conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials on campus. 

Officer Averill and Jet have been through a comprehensive explosives detection training program through the Adams County Sheriff’s Police Canine Academy, and will continue to attend training together to keep their skills sharp. Chosen from the Rocky Mountain Canine Academy for his drive and bravery, Jet doesn’t get intimidated or scared when he experiences stressful situations.

Averill has been with the ACPD since 2015, and was selected for the K9 handler role when the program began in fall 2016. Just like Dash, Jet’s primary responsibility is explosives detection, but he also enjoys meeting students, faculty, and staff. (Please confirm with Officer Averill that Jet is “off duty” before calling his name and trying to pet him.)

“Jet wants to work and play 24/7,” said Officer Averill. If he’s not working, he’s asking to play fetch or tug.

Dash, Jet’s predecessor, retired in December and still lives with Officer Averill and his wife. Instead of searching for explosives, now he gets to search for tennis balls and play all day with his Labradoodle buddy Denali. 

Follow Jet’s adventures on Instagram: @AurariaK9.