Mac Email Signature Instructions

Consistency in how we present ourselves to the campus community is important. Please update your signature block to ensure it follows the AHEC brand standards with regard to format: font, size, and the specified contact information.

Microsoft Outlook For Mac

  1. Download email signature template: Email Signature Template (Mac).eml
  2. Double click on the file to open it in Outlook
  3. Choose Option A or B
    Highlight the email block
    (text and image)
  4. On the Edit menu, click Copy (Command C)
  5. On the Outlook dropdown menu, click Preferences (Command ,)

  6. Click the Signatures icon
  7. Within the signature editing box, highlight the existing signature and delete the text and image.
    OR create new (click +)
  8. Paste (Command V) new email block

    8a. Adjust font size(s) if necessary, following the sizes outlined above. (Command D, change all font types to Arial, click OK)
  9. Customize text:
    9a. Do not change the format or the way the signature is arranged.

    •  Add your specific contact information.
    •  Use physical location, not campus box in email signature.
    •  Use P, C, and F; do not spell out phone, cell, and fax.

  10. Close the window and your new signature will be updated

AHEC Email Signature Instructions for Mac (Printable PDF) >>