Personnel Administration Forms

The information and documents in this section will assist supervisors with the paperwork and processes associated with:

Employment Change Form (PPAF)

Use this form if an employee has any changes in employment status, which includes hiring, separation, promotion, change in supervisor, and/or a change in position.

Pre-Hiring Forms

General Pre-Hiring Forms (for Classified and Non-Classified Staff)

Supplemental Pre-Hiring Forms

The following forms are additional documents that supplement the General Pre-Hiring Forms. They are specific to each of the employment groups where they are listed.

Classified Staff

Non-Classified Staff

Student Employees

Temporary Employees

New Hire Forms

New Hire Information ­– All Employees

In addition the new hire information for all employees, the following forms and information need to be reviewed and filled out for the corresponding employment groups.

New Hire Information – Student Employees

New Hire Information – Temporary Employees

In addition to the standard new hire forms, the following information needs to be reviewed and filled out for temporary employees.

New Hire Information – Classified Staff

New Hire Information – Non-Classified Staff

Performance Management

AHEC Performance Management is a process that includes setting goals, developing and coaching staff, and giving both verbal and written performance evaluations. The process strives to foster ongoing communication between supervisors and staff, to link individual performance with department goals and AHEC's mission, and to support staff in reaching personal and professional goals.

Performance Management - Classified and Non-Classified

Performance Management - Classified Staff Only

In addition to the performance management plan forms listed above for all employees, the following additional forms and information are specific to Classified Staff.

Appeal/Dispute Forms

For use in all state personnel system appeals or performance management disputes, whether the appeal is to the State Personnel Director or the State Personnel Board.

Performance Management - Student Staff Only

This appraisal form is used to evaluate student employee performance.

Personal Services