Other Pay & Leave

All AHEC employees are entitled to the following types of leave:

Bereavement (Funeral) Leave

Provides up to 40 hours of paid leave to permanent employees at the time of death of a family member or other person. Employees are responsible for requesting the amount of leave needed. The appointing authority authenticates the relationship and grants the leave requested.

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

Employees are eligible for up to 520 hours of family/medical or active duty family leave in a fiscal year if employed for at least 12 months, not necessarily consecutively. A temporary employee must also have worked at least 1,250 hours in the past 12 months. Employees in the Reserves or National Guard are entitled to count active military duty absences as time worked to establish eligibility (like other employees on the payroll even if on unpaid leave). FMLA was expanded in January 2008 to include military caregiver leave for a single period of up to 1040 hours in one 12-month period, which begins on the date the leave begins.

The hours are prorated for part-time employees. Eligibility is calculated from the date leave will begin. Your appointing authority may approve additional time beyond the family/medical leave. Any approved additional leave is treated the same as any other type of paid or unpaid leave.

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Jury Duty Leave

Paid jury leave is granted for the time that a permanent employee is required to serve on jury duty. Temporary employees are granted up to three days of paid leave when jury duty is required during normally scheduled work days. Jury pay is not turned over to the agency.

Leave Without Pay

Leave without Pay must be requested and approved on a State of Colorado Leave/Absence Request and Authorization Form. Paid leave is generally used before an employee is placed on Leave Without Pay.

Probationary and trial service periods are extended by the number of days on unpaid leave and may be extended for periods of paid leave.

For every 173 hours of Leave Without Pay in a 12-month period, the employee’s service date will be adjusted forward by one month. This does not include unpaid military leave and voluntary furlough periods.

Volunteer Leave

Up to twelve hours of volunteer leave per fiscal year is available to AHEC employees to participate in school activities or community volunteer activities. As with any type of leave, employees must receive approval from their supervisor prior to taking volunteer leave. Supervisors will take into consideration performance, work schedules, coverage of the work unit, and other relevant information when approving this type of leave.

Questions regarding leave should be directed to the Human Resources Office: 303-556-3384.