Classified Staff Benefits, Leave, & Forms


A wide range of benefit options are offered by the State of Colorado to classified employees. New employees must enroll in a plan within 31 days of their hire date. Once a year during the Open Enrollment period, employees can make changes to existing coverage. Mid-year changes are allowed for select qualifying life events, such as birth, marriage, and spousal employment changes.

Benefit eligibility is based upon the position held, and may be attached to both full- and part-time, qualifying positions.

Annual & Sick Leave

Classified staff leave rules are governed by the Colorado State Personnel Board Rules and Procedures. The State of Colorado Employee Handbook offers detailed information on leave.

Annual Leave

Annual leave is used for personal needs and requires advance approval by your supervisor or appointing authority. 

Years of Service Hours Earned/Month Max. Accrual (Cap)
1-5 years 8 hours 192 hours (24 days)
6-10 years 10 hours 240 hours (30 days)
11-15 years 12 hours 288 hours (36 days)
16 years+ 14 hours 336 hours (42 days)

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue sick leave at 6.66 hours/month, for a maximum accrual of 360 hours (45 days).

Sick Leave is used for health reasons, including diagnostic and preventative examinations, treatment, and recovery.

Accrued sick leave may be used for the health needs of the employee, employee's child who is under the age of 18 or an adult child who is disabled, parent, spouse, injured military service member or veteran as established under rule 5-24, legal dependent, or a person in the household for whom the employee is the primary care giver.

Forms & Information

Recreation/Wellness Benefits