ID Station

Located within Tivoli Station, the ID Station (formerly ID Center) provides campus IDs for students, faculty, and staff, as well as RTD CollegePasses for students who pay the RTD fee each semester. The ID Station also serves as the hub for campus questions/information and is the Tivoli Student Union's lost and found.

Preparing to Get Your Campus ID

Campus ID cards are distributed by the ID Station for current students, faculty, and staff. Cost: $22 

Students–What you’ll need to bring:

  • A picture ID
  • Proof of current registration, for example:
    • Class schedule printout
    • Tuition bill
    • Receipt showing a breakdown of fees

Faculty & Staff–What you’ll need to bring:

Encoding your card for building access

Work with your supervisor to have your ID encoded for access to approved buildings or rooms.

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 Replacement Card Costs

  • $22 if lost or stolen
  • $12 if the original is damaged, your name has changed, or you are transferring institutions (must present original card)

RTD Public Transportation Resources

Students–CollegePass Program

  • The RTD CollegePass smart card allows unlimited rides on the RTD bus and light rail system 
  • Must have a valid student ID present in order to receive a pass                   
  • The CollegePass program is included in student fees every semester if registered for one or more credit hours on the Auraria Campus. Students must currently be paying the RTD in order to be eligible for a CollegePass
  • Replacement card fee: $12 ($5 if you are transferring institutions–must present original card)
  • Please contact RTD directly if you experience issues related to technology or smart card readers for the CollegePass

Faculty & Staff–EcoPass Program

  • The EcoPass is an RTD monthly pass for campus faculty and staff
  • Cost: $25/month available through payroll deduction
  • Fill out the EcoPass Form »
  • After filling out the form, get your pass by visiting the Parking & Transportation Services Office (777 Lawrence Way, in the 7th Street Garage)

RTD Resources at the ID Station

  • Printed bus and light rail routes/schedules
  • RTD kiosk to navigate bus and light rail routes/schedules online

Lost and Found

All lost and found items from the Tivoli are held for six weeks at the ID Station. After that point, unclaimed items are disposed of or donated.

Misplace Something Valuable?

Some items of high value are collected by the Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD). If your item is not at the ID Station, please check with the ACPD at 303-556-5000 or visit their Tivoli office in Suite 228. 

Student Housing

Three independently run housing options are available to the students of the Auraria Campus:

You may also visit the following housing resources offered by each institution: 

Locker Rentals

  • Visit the ID Station to rent a locker on a semester basis
  • Lockers are located in the Tivoli Student Union and the PE/Event Center
  • Cost: $15/semester

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