Other Eco Initiatives

In a partnership with the City and County of Denver’s Urban Art Fund and AHEC, the Sustainable Campus Program (SCP) successfully raised funding to commission a graffiti mural at the 5th Street Hub.

5th Street Hub

The 5th Street Hub is a premier Entrepreneur Resource Center grounded in sustainable industries. The Hub will showcase institutional initiatives that are focused on sustainability and the entrepreneurial spirit, establishing an environment where programs can interact and discover.


  • The 5th Street Hub (The Hub) underwent the first phase of development in fall 2012, with the first program occupancy occurring in spring 2013. Additional phases and program developments are underway
  • The CU Denver Sustainable Motorsports Engineering Program developed 4000 square feet for a motorsports research and development lab, refining a vehicle that achieved 200 mpg, and developing several other efficient race vehicles
  • MSU Denver built out their biodiesel fuel program, capturing grease waste from campus restaurants to refine into biodiesel fuel
  • CCD is developing a sustainable curriculum, coordinating closely with the tri-institutional Sustainable Campus Program (SCP) team with envisioning the facility for training and seminar rooms, along with the advancement of the Entrepreneur Resource Center
  • Fundraising for the next phase is ongoing and initiatives are in progress for a student-designed logo and artistic facelift to the unique building facade

The Auraria Campus Fuel Cell

In fall 2012, SCP purchased a hydrogen fuel cell for use by CU Denver in the Shell Eco-Marathon. Per the award of funding, the fuel cell will be made available to the other institutions for class research purposes in an effort to share the device equitably.

To learn more or to submit an application for using the fuel cell, visit the SCP's fuel cell page