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Auraria Higher Education Center
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Freddy Page Arck

Last Update: January 10, 2013

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Campus Mail
Name Box Number Phone/Fax Title/Department E-Mail Address
O'CONNOR, Brian AHEC, Box D, FS Ph:303 556-8396 Fax:303 352-3328 Environmental Specialist, FS
ORLEANS, Larry AHEC, Box D, FS Ph:303 556-2224 Fax:303 352-3328 Life Safety Services, FS
ORTEGA, Art AHEC, Box D, FS Ph:303 556-2706 Fax:303 352-3328 Electrical Supervisor, FS
PACHECO, Jorge AHEC, TIV-1, TV-325 Ph:303 556-8290 Fax:303 556-6346 Custodial Supervisor, FSS
PADILLA, Larry AHEC, Box D, FS Ph:303 556-2220 Fax:303 556-8172 Project Planner, Development Services
PARENTEAU, Marc AHEC, Box M, PTC Ph:303 556-2020 Fax:303 556-2039 Office Manager, Parking
PEETE, Leonard AHEC, Box E, TV-228 Ph:303 556-2264 Fax:303 556-4731 Corporal/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
PEREZ, Fiorella AHEC, Box M, PTC Ph:303 556-2026 Fax:303 556-2039 Field Assistant, Parking
PHILLIPS, Jacob AHEC, Box R, KC-248B Ph:303 556-2160 Fax:303 556-2180 Systems Manager, King Center