eugenia rawls courtyard theatre

Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theatre

The Rawls Theatre is one of three in the world. The space can change into three different theatre spaces. It can become the traditional proscenium arch stage (Broadway style), a thrust stage and a theatre-in-the-round. There are three different seating levels that can handle up to 168 people and the maximum audience seating is 268 when set in the traditional proscenium arch style. The style of the space is reminiscent of an old opera house, with opera boxes wrapping around to both sides the stage.

Unique Features

This space is one of three theatres of its kind in the world. The theatre is a freestanding open-ended thrust stage. The audience can be configured from a thrust theatre to a theatre-in-the-round or to a formal proscenium arch stage. To create the theatre-in-the-round, there are two pivoting seating towers that rotate onto the thrust stage to create this unique setting. This venue is the only one of its kind in the United States that will allow for this kind of unique setting. This space is also the only space in the United States, at this time, that will accommodate physically challenged students to have access to the catwalk system above the audience and stage.