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Policy #25

Special Events Involving Alcohol

Approved: October 2001

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Policy #25        

Special Events Involving Alcohol

Certain facilities on the Auraria Campus are designated as non-public spaces for the purpose of consuming liquor, wine or beer (alcoholic beverages). Any sale, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any other locations, except as provided for under specific license, is prohibited. Alcohol is generally not allowed in any common areas of the buildings. The attached chart specifies the approved Campus locations where alcohol may be sold and! or distributed.

All events involving the sale or distribution of alcohol require the sponsor to obtain all licenses and! or permits, and provide a minimum of fourteen-business days notice with the appropriate Campus scheduling office. Additional notice may be required if the event falls within other special event criteria regarding lead time requirements (i.e.; large major events, etc.).

When an event distributes or sells alcohol, the sponsor (whether individual, club, organization or department) accepts an increased degree of liability and responsibility for the event and the behavior of their guests. The sponsor further assumes responsibility for ensuring that persons under 21 years of age are not served alcoholic beverages.

A Campus Alcohol Service Permit for distribution or sales must be obtained from the appropriate scheduling office (Tivoli Conference Services Office for events scheduled in the Tivoli & Tivoli grounds; Events Center Office for events scheduled in the Events Center & on Campus grounds; the King Center Administrative Office for the King Center). For events involving the sale of alcohol, a Campus Permit will not be issued prior to the sponsor obtaining and providing evidence of appropriate approvals from the City (see below).



The following policies must be adhered to (and will be considered in addition to those outlined in the “Special Social Events Policy” for events falling within this category).


  1. The alcohol consumption must be confined to the reserved facility. Alcohol may not be brought in to an event, nor taken out of the defined scheduled area. Certain events may be required to have certified servers and/or bartenders (Check with the facility scheduler for requirements). All alcohol must be served by persons at least 21 years of age.

  1. If alcohol is to be sold, it must take place in an approved Campus location, only. The sponsor is responsible for applying and obtaining the appropriate Special Events License from the City and County of Denver, when appropriate or required. (Note that the approval process takes approximately 45 days. The campus scheduling offices will not provide final approval for use of the space until documentation has been provided which indicates that the necessary approvals have been secured from the City & County). Alcohol is considered “sold” at an event when admission is being charged, servings are sold, or a collection is taken prior to the event. A copy of the application, as well as, the final approved permit must be provided to the facility scheduler in advance of the event.

  1. For certain events involving the sale or distribution of alcohol, Campus Police Officer or Security Officer coverage may be required (see Police Services Policies/Procedures). Such factors may include size of event, public/non-public, nature, after hours, etc. The sponsoring organization is responsible for paying the hourly fee associated with these officers/security officers.

  1. For all events sponsored by a recognized student organization involving the sale or distribution of alcohol, the faculty/staff advisor (or a full time professional staff member designated by the Student Activities/Student Life Directors) is required to monitor the entire function. The advisor will be required to co-sign the Campus Alcohol Permit and will acknowledge agreement to attend the function. Failure to have the advisor present throughout the function will result in the alcohol service not being commenced and/ or service being ceased. Student organizations are required to check with their respective Student Activities/Student Life offices for additional requirements of their Institution.

  1. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages (other than water) must be provided. Food must be provided at all events serving alcohol.
  1. Last call for any event selling or distributing alcohol must take place 45 minutes before the scheduled end time. Alcohol service must cease 30 minutes before the scheduled event end time.

  1. In some instances, additional insurance coverage may be required for an event. This requirement will be coordinated at the time the reservation request is submitted.
  1. Within the Tivoli Student Union, special approval may be obtained for private events involving alcohol in the programmable lounge areas. These special approvals should be requested through the Tivoli Conference Services scheduling office. The North Classroom Galleria is available for special use for Institutional programs (when classes are not in session). Special approval is obtained through the Events Center scheduling office. These specially approved events will be governed by the above noted policies. Within the facilities of the King Center, specific areas, with special approval, may be used for private events that involve alcohol. Special approval is requested through the King Center Administration office located in Rm. 248.

Note: This policy supersedes all other Auraria Campus policies related to events involving alcohol.