Auraria Higher Education Center

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy #22

Campus Exclusive Sales & Services

Approved: March 13, 2001

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Policy #22

Campus Exclusive Sales & Services

The Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) has entered into agreements with leaseholders and contractors to provide goods and services for students and staff on the Auraria Campus. Leaseholders and contractors pay AHEC for the official authorization to do business on campus property. These payments are committed to the Student Facilities Bond Fund to supplement support for student facilities and activities and to minimize increases in student facility fees. AHEC Student Auxiliary programs are authorized to sell! provide specific goods and services on campus as well. All profits from these programs are committed to the Student Facilities Bond Fund.

Sales of any kind are allowed only at pre-designated locations authorized by AHECí s Student Auxiliary Services Administration by way of official lease, contract or short term reservation agreement. Door to door or roaming sales are strictly prohibited on campus.

Campus departments and divisions have the right to buy from AHECís Student Auxiliary programs (Campus Book Store, Campus Print Shop and Copy Center Outlets, etc.), and the official leaseholders and contractors, using State funds when there is no exclusive State Price Agreement covering that item.

Institutionally recognized campus student organizations often sell items intended to promote their student organization at one time special events. These sales are not in conflict with AHEC policy as long as they do not provide goods or services (either individually or through partnering with an outside commercial enterprise) that are in conflict with the goods or services of current official leaseholders, contractors and! or AHECís Student Auxiliary programs.

Campus Book Store

The Campus Book Store has the sole and exclusive right to sell on the campus the following products:

  1. New & used text books (including the buy back process of used text)

  2. Course materials (course packs, course audio tapes, course CDís, language tapes! CDís, art supplies)

  3. Books (general reference books, leisure books, paperback books, fiction books, workbooks, etc.)

  4. School logo items (class rings, soft goods, gifts & other novelties)

  5. Computers, computer software, associated peripherals & calculators (staff & student personal use)

  6. Other merchandise ordinarily rented or sold in college book stores


Campus Print Shop & Copy Centers


The Campus Print Shop and Copy Centers have the sole and exclusive right to sell/provide on the campus the following:

  1. Printing services (binding, graphics and print production)

  2. Copy services and related retail copy machines (including self-serve/coin operated machines)

  3. Course pack production (for resale in the Campus Bookstore or Copy Centers)


Campus Student Auxiliaries


The Campus Student Auxiliary Departments further have the sole and exclusive right to provide on the campus:

  1. Official campus photo identification cards (and subsequent provision of RTD pass identifications per the RTD contract)

  2. General Child Care services (not related to academic instructional programs)

  3. Game room/pool hall operations

  4. Special event/conference support and coordination services


Official Leaseholders & Contractors


Official leaseholders and contractors have the sole and exclusive right to sell/provide on the campus the following general categories:

  1. Arcade machines/automated amusement machines

  2. Vending services (food, beverages, snacks, personal products, phone cards, etc.)

  3. Field research market centers (for profit)

  4. ATM machines and services

  5. Restaurant services/Food operations (including sit down service, fast food, carts, etc.)


It should be noted that these official leaseholders and contracted services may change from time to time.  A current list of goods and services is available from AHEC's Student Auxiliary Services Administrative Office.  Specific restrictions regarding additional exclusivity may exist within the Tivoli Student Union facility, only.


Official Campus Caterers


Certain official leaseholders and contractors have the sole and exclusive right to provide catering services within the Tivoli Student Union, except as provided for and allowed under Tivoli Conference Service agreements.


These official leaseholders, and contractors have the non-exclusive right to provide campus-wide catering services and again, contribute a portion of their profits to the Student Facilities Bond Fund when providing these services.  Consistent with the policy to minimize student facility fees, utilization of these caterers for campus-wide events is encouraged.  Campus departments or institutionally recognized student organizations holding official institutional functions on the campus (outside of the Tivoli Student Union) may contract services with other caterers.  Off-campus organizations and/or individuals scheduling/renting campus facilities (outside of the Tivoli Student Union) are also encouraged to utilize the official leaseholders and contractors for catering services.


It is understood that none of the said merchandise and articles noted above shall be handled, rented or sold, either at wholesale or retail, on the campus premises occupied by an individual, corporation, or co-partnership except by the Campus Bookstore, Campus Print Shop & Copy Centers, Official Leaseholders or Official Contractors as recognized by the AHEC Student Auxiliary Services Administration.