Auraria Higher Education Center

Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration

Administrative Policies and Procedures

Policy #13

Campus Closure

Approved: October 24, 1984

EVPA Signature:   

Revised: August 25, 2006

Revised: September 18, 2001

Revised: October 3, 1997

Revised: September 22, 1992

Revised: March 30, 1990

Revised: November 1989

Revised: November 10, 1984




The Executive Vice President for Administration for the Auraria Higher Education Center and Auraria Executives Council have established the following policy onclosure of the Auraria Campus due to inclement weather or other emergencies:


The Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) is exempt from the State inclement weather policy established by the Governor. The Auraria Campus will instead adhere to emergency closure procedures established by the Executive Vice President for Administration (EVPA) and the Auraria Executives Council (AEC).


The decision to close the campus is vested with the Executive Vice President for Administration of AHEC and a decision to close will be made only under those extreme conditions which pose an immediate health or safety hazard to campus

constituents. Conditions for which the campus may be closed include: inclement weather (such as snow, ice, tornadoes, etc.), flood, fire, chemical spills, pollution or other emergencies.


The primary criterion for the decision to close the Auraria Campus is the condition of the campus and its immediate environs. Conditions external to the campus and its immediate environs --such as the suburbs, mountain communities, Boulder, etc., --are not a major consideration.


The options for closure are:


     A) Closed for the day and evening

     B) Closed for the evening beginning at 4:00 p.m.


Weather closure decisions will be made as early as possible to permit adequate communications to faculty, staff and students. Only persons formally designated by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration are authorized to notify the media of closures. The decision to close the campus will be made on a day-to-day basis.


The decision to close the campus will affect the entire campus --all campus institutions, departments and AHEC. No individual department may announce an independent decision. Any institution may designate that emergency staff are required to work during times of closure.


Institutions establish independent policies and procedures for determining whether off-campus operations are to be closed. Generally inclement weather cancellations for off-campus courses will follow closure of the facility in which the course is offered."




Based on this policy, the following procedures for emergency closure will be followed:


Auraria Campus Police will monitor weather conditions and the condition of the campus. Based on that activity --and through its local City and State emergency preparedness network –Auraria Campus Police will be the primary source of information influencing the decision as to whether the campus will be closed.


Any emergency condition which might merit closing should be reported directly to Auraria Campus Police at 303-556-5000.


Based on Auraria Campus Police information, and after consultation with the Director of Facilities Management and the Auraria Executive Council, the EVPA will make the closure decision.



  1. In order for the media to be notified as soon as possible, a decision to close for the day and evening combined --will be made prior to 5:30 a.m. and a decision to close for the evening (starting with the 4:00 p.m., time-block) will be made prior to 2:00 p.m.

  2. Each Institutional CEO or his/her designee will be notified by AHEC of the decision to close. Each institution will implement the decision through its own internal communication procedures.

  3. AHEC staff will notify appropriate media agencies of closure.

  4. Auraria Campus Police will lock buildings and post notices on buildings.

  5. Auraria Campus Police will place recorded messages on the AHEC 24 hour information telephone line (303-556-2401). 

Normal business will resume the following morning. If this is not possible, the above procedures will be followed to continue the closure of the campus. 


Should a closure occur during final exam week, exams would be rescheduled as follows:


Regular Final Exam Week


If the campus or individual campus building is closed or must be evacuated on the scheduled week day of a final exam, the exam schedule for each week day closed is moved to the next available working day following Final Exam Week at the same times and locations.


Weekend Final Exam


If the campus or individual campus building is closed or must be evacuated on the Saturday or Sunday during which final exams are scheduled, the exams will be held the following day, Sunday for Saturday exams and Monday for Sunday exams, at the same time and location.