Bikes on Campus

Why Bike?

Biking is a sustainable transportation option for quick trips to, from, and around campus and the nearby downtown area. 

bikers on campus

Benefits include:

  • Coice parking spots
  • No parking fees
  • Environmentally-friendly transportation
  • Great exercise

Fix-It Station

Don't stress if your bike has a flat or needs repairs when you're on campus. The Auraria Campus bike Fix-It station offers cyclists the tools necessary to adjust their brakes and derailleur and fix a flat tire. The station is equipped with a bike stand, wrenches, screwdrivers, tire levers, and tire pumps for DIY bike repair and maintenance. The Fix-It station is conveniently located next to the Curtis Street bike lane near the Arts Building.

Secure Your Bike

Bicycle theft is a problem on all college campuses and the Auraria Campus is no exception.

Take precautions:

  • Only park in designated bicycle parking areas
  • Always lock your bike with a high-quality “U” shaped lock (co not use lightweight cables or chains)
  • Always lock your bicycle through the frame and one wheel to a bicycle parking rack
  • Do not leave your bicycle locked outside overnight
  • Keep your bicycle serial number handy; it could aid in recovery if your bike is stolen

Denver B-Cycle

Denver’s bike sharing system – Denver B-cycle - is perfect for quick trips to, from, and around campus and Downtown Denver. B-cycle is intended for trips lasting 30 minutes or less, and must be returned to a B-cycle station.

Nearby B-Cycle Stations

  • 9th & Curtis (by the Arts Building)
  • Campus Village
  • Pepsi Center
  • CU Denver Building at 1350 Larimer​ 


  • Students receive a $30 discount on annual memberships at rate of $49/year
  • To purchase a discounted annual membership, visit and use the promo code “student.” Your email must end with .edu to qualify
  • Regular annual memberships start at $80/year

To the joy of many a bicyclist in need, there have been many self-service bicycle repair stations installed around the UC Davis campus and the City of Davis starting in 2010.  include wrenches, screwdrivers, tire levers, and tire pumps attached to the stand for DIY bike repair and maintenance. Using these tools, bicyclists can adjust their brakes and derailleur and fix a flat tire.